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Our mission is to help small to mid-size business reduce the monthly recurring costs associated with telephony related services. We will bridge the gateway into the digital age utilizing 21 Century technology.


For small to mid-size businesses with limited or no IT resources, we offer well trained IT technicians that will support you during the conversion. This process will be implemented with nominal down time, while you, the client immediately start experiencing the wide variety of the digital benefits associated, at no additional cost, compared to conventional means.


Monthly recurring expenses for telephone service will be reduced allowing a payback period within the first two years of service depending on the network topology. Our clients existing networks are required to have the capabilities of supporting the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The technology used for transmitting voice calls over a TCP/IP packet switching such as the Internet, thereby avoiding long distance charges associated with the traditional public switched telephone network. TELMAC offers a wide variety of support services for your telephony needs by offering experienced and proven technicians while supporting your pre-existing network structure to ensure the best possible quality of service available.  Analog signals on telephone circuits are converted to digital data packets to enable calls between VoIP phone lines and standard POTS phone lines providing a Telephony gateway for all telephone type services that work over TCP/IP, including VoIP, text messaging, and IP-based faxing. Telephony through conventional means is expensive, while broadband with VoIP service makes it possible to bypass the traditional high-cost carriers. Eventually, flat-rate VoIP plans will be the rule in the telecom business world and many of the players are large established companies in telecommunications industry.


Pricing options for small to mid-sized businesses

TELMAC can work with you on an hourly, fixed price, or retainer basis and although every project is exclusive and subject to different variables, the ranges below help you get an idea of our customary project pricing. A “project” can include anything needed to support a business year, such as purchasing hardware and software for supporting users.

  • Small Projects: $8,000
  • Medium Projects: $15,000
  • Larger Projects: $28,000

Pilot projects

Some clients find comfort in paying consultants for “pilot projects” in which they can test our services before committing to use our expertise for a larger project. We value and welcome the chance to work with you on pilot projects.

Please feel free email me at mohara@telmac.net to discuss your needs in more detail.

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